Here are a few of the testimonials that John & I have received over the past 24years providing Property Management Services. Our clients have held their investments for longer than planned and are now reaping the benefits of higher rents and higher home values. My commitment is to both the owners and tenants to ensure a well cared for home. If you want to enjoy these benefits of investment property ownership (no horror stories, no short term tenants, no late rents, no damage to property, etc.) then contact us.
Susan 408-345-3456
John 408-313-3003


 Thank you so much for the wonderful service you have provided us over the past eight years as our property manager. You have ensured that our rental property was occupied with qualified and responsible tenants. You have continuously maintained and protected the value of our house. Between tenant occupancy changes you saw that a smooth transition occurred, each one without a single problem. Your continued analysis of market conditions ensured a near 100% occupancy with excellent revenue return. All of this you performed with the highest of professionalism. Your attention to detail and timely closure places you at the pinnacle of property management professionals.Through many years of service you have earned our trust, respect and sincere gratitude. We look forward to you representing us as our realtor. You’re the best.
With warm regards,
Pat & Karen Lopes
Tres Pinos, CA

 Approximately eight or so years ago, I found myself in a position where I had to either sell my rental home which was in a state of disrepair, or make the costly repairs and hope that I could find a tenant that would treat the residence as they would their own home.  I’d made the mistake of renting the residence to a friend, and because he was a friend, I kept the rental fee far too low.  I owned the residence since 1978, and due to my inexperience as a landlord, had a succession of bad or indifferent tenants.  I decided to keep the rental, and hired an inspector to advise me on what repairs needed to be done in order to put the residence into the rental market.  The inspector told me that I should hire a property manager, who had the experience to get the work done in a timely manner and get the maximum amount of rent from the property.  When I asked if he knew any reliable property managers, he stated that he knew many good ones, but there was one that he would recommend over the others,  and that was Susan Merani.  I can truthfully say that it was the best decision I made since owning the property.  Susan immediately supervised improvements on the property, keeping me informed on each step, keeping the repairs within my budget.  She knew exactly what needed to be done to maximize the rent, and what repairs could be placed on hold, for a later date.  All the major improvements on the rental were supervised by Susan, which included a new roof, the landscaping, painting, copper piping under the home, and as a result maximizing the amount of rent we were able to receive. It has been a great relief to me to know that the renters she found for my property have kept it in good repair thanks to her good judgment.  I think what I like the best about Susan overseeing the rental is that she listens and responds to both the owner and the renter, and keeps on top of any problems that might arise.
John and Donna Stichter
Sunnyvale, CA

 I want to tell you that I really lucked out when I turned over the property management of my triplex to you. It certainly has made quite a difference in my life. Had I known this earlier on, I would have contacted you sooner. I can trust your judgement in the upkeep and management of the triplex and certainly would not hesitate to recommend you to others who may be contemplating property management.
Another feature of your management is the written monthly report and appraisal of the progress of any repairs and other pertinent information. I look forward to future dealings with you regarding my triplex and certainly feel comfortable no longer having the burden of management.
Regards to family,
Alice Una’Dia
San Jose, CA

 Four years ago, during a very difficult time, Susan Merani entered our lives as a breath of fresh air. We had just experienced the recent loss of a loved one and found ourselves struggling with decisions that we were now forced, and yet not prepared to make. After much discussion, our decision was to retain the family home and employ Susan as the property manager. A better choice could not have been made!
Throughout the last four years Susan has worked diligently to insure a successful working and financial relationship. In many cases she has extended herself far beyond what any tenant or landlord could possibly expect from any other property manager. And yet, she has always been there with a smile. She has made herself easily accessible to both myself and our renters whenever issues arise. Her end of the month ledger reports indicating credits and debits has been clear and easy to follow, and a true asset at tax time.
Above all else, she has maintained, even when tested, a delighfully pleasant personality.I am happy to consider Susan not only our Property Manager, but my friend.
Denny & Jo Musgrove

 Please pay $500 from our account as a bonus to you for the excellent proactive management of our property in San Jose, CA. You have clearly spent a great deal of time and effort to improve the condition of the property while working diligently with the tenants on prompt payment of the rent and care of the property. This bonus should reflect on our account under management fee. Agan, thank you for outstanding work and professional care of our home.

Brian & Sandra Knauer


 I hope everything is going well for you and your family in this new year so far.. I am sending this mail to you to inquire any house that might be available to rent, obviously those which you manage. As you know, my girls will be attending Lynbrook High School therefore the perimeter will be bit tight, I do realize that. Main thing is that we would like to move in to place where YOU manage, I can not stress that enough :)) Your level of service to the client is much much greater than current management I am dealing with, I will just leave it at that. I hope to here from you soon.
Best regards,
Thomas and family
Cupertino, CA

 I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how wonderful the house looks. Thank you so much for getting all the items fixed in such a timely manner. I am sure you would agree 10years was a long stretch to go without any or very little repair. I have grown attached to this home thank you for getting it back in working order. We appreciate it greatly!
Nicole & Jennifer

 We’ve been pretty satisfied with Susan’s response/professionalism. She has been taking quick response to any type of problems, and offering the most effective actions. As a matter of fact, she is the best property manager we’ve ever had. No doubt about that.
Naoto & Mika Sato
San Jose, CA